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We are a small family breeder that breeds beautiful English Golden Retrievers.
Our goal is to raise beautiful, healthy, well adjusted puppies that will bring much joy to the homes to which they go.


We take joy in saying that our dogs are companions for our families. Their health, happiness, and livelihood are our top priorities. We love our dogs and every puppy holds a special place in our hearts.

The English Golden Retriever is full of adventure. The sight of an English Golden Retriever is one of awe and beauty that cannot be compared to any other breed. It is mesmerizing, to say the very least. We want to share this breed with those who admire it and we can’t wait for you to share the love of this majestic dog with us.

We strive to provide the healthiest puppies to those interested in the English Golden Retriever breed. We choose the best possible pairs for breeding. Before we breed any dogs, we ensure the health of both the male and the female dog. We want to share the love of the English Golden Retriever breed, but our top priority is the health, wellness, and safety of the parents.

A breed of many adventures. In addition to being excellent hunting dogs and family companions, Goldens excel as Therapy, Service, Guide, and Search & Rescue dogs. 

It’s no surprise that we, as breeder of the Southern Cream Retrievers of Texas (USA), think English Golden Retrievers are just about the best breed ever! And that’s because the sum of all the features that define the breed are a good fit for what we want in a dog, and the inconveniences (yes, there are some!) are manageable to us. Not everyone agrees with us, of course, and that’s exactly the reason that there are literally hundreds of dog breeds. Each breed was created with its own set of physical characteristics, temperament, and aptitude that make it desirable to some people, but less suitable for others.

But the buyer has an equally important responsibility to carefully evaluate how well the breed’s characteristics match their family’s needs and limitations. Perhaps most critical is to honestly consider whether there may be any significant drawbacks that could cause distress for either the family or the dog.

All prospective puppy buyers want their new puppy to have the best possible chance for a long and healthy life, and regular veterinary care is important toward achieving that goal. But in addition, the risks for many significant health issues can be greatly reduced through careful breeding practices, beginning with certain screening examinations of the parents of a litter. Each breed has its own particular hereditary problems, and English Golden Retrievers are no exception.

Before You Buy: Introduction to English Golden Retriever Health
Health Screening for the Parents of a Litter (hips, elbows, eyes, heart)
Improving the Odds for Obtaining a Healthy Golden Puppy
Understanding Cancer in Golden Retrievers
We want to help you make the right decision up front. Please do not hesitate to ask!
We are always happy to help with any questions or queries you might have. 

Are you looking to add a new English Golden Retrievers puppy to your family? Due to the high demand, we encourage all interested families to call me as I do not let anyone adopt one of my puppies unless I have spoken to you on the phone first -  I only want the very best homes for my puppies.


D’Nan Scott
Phone: 806-236-7604
E-mail: info@southerncreamretrievers.com

All of our puppies come with a guaranty and come from healthy parents with proven bloodlines. Our English Golden Retriever’s have been tested for heart, hips, elbows, and eyes. Our dogs are bred with great care to prevent any genetic issues. With that said nothing is perfect. All of our puppies will be checked by our vet prior to shipping or transporting.



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Southern Cream Retrievers
D’Nan Scott  Phone: 806-236-7604